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Words have long held a position of esteemed importance in my life. As a child, it was the permanence and patience of books that left me in a state of enthrallment. Their powerful testament to the durability of language long imprinted in my mind. Whereas endurance once took centre stage, now I find myself enamoured with the written word’s ability to transcend the societal differences that shape our global, contemporary world. The possibility of my words resonating with those geographically, temporally, and culturally distant to myself, in a manner I have oft been on the receiving end of, is what gets me excited to write every day.
Just as words have always been an integral part of my life, so has food. Memories of burying my fingers in the soil, filling my nostrils with the heady scent of basil, or slurping soup as rain lashes the windows, have formed some of the happiest, most fulfilled moments of my life. It is unsurprising then that food has served as the predominant focus for my professional writing to date.
Food, cookery, and eating have, and forever will be, topics which are widely written about. A fact no doubt attributable to the intimacy every human shares with them. With so much content being published it can be hard to find, and authentically wield, one’s unique voice. However, through my own self-reflective processes, I have developed a unique approach to food writing that focuses on the intersections, where food not only nourishes, but shapes the human experience.
If you think my approach would be well suited to your publication, business, or product then please do not hesitate to get in contact with me. I would love nothing more than to be able to work with you.


“Grandma could coax the secrets out of the oven in a matter of seconds, getting it to open its door in a wide gap-toothed grin and accept our doughy cakes-to-be with begrudging delight.”

Excerpt from Grandma's Cake; How a rediscovered recipe guided me through grief


“Jacob has been a fantastic writer for us throughout our different iterations as a company, for multiple years. He’s a versatile copywriter that can produce excellent content for the food & hospitality industry – from in-depth analyses of the relationship between food and society to concise guides on food hygiene best practice around professional kitchens. Jacob is incredibly easy to work with and consistently demonstrates a dedication to producing high-quality researched writing.”

Mike McShane: Co-Founder & CSO at Leafe